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Mail Cluster

University of Waterloo Mail Services

Support staff will never ask for your password, so don't e-mail it to anyone who asks for it. Please read this warning.

Mailservices Webmail

You can read your mail over the web using either SquirrelMail (only for Mailservices accounts), or myWaterloo (most accounts, including Mailservices).

To check the status of your Mailservices account, or create an account for yourself, visit the e-Mail Accounts page.

Dealing with the mail cluster

Otherwise, the most likely reason you are here is to update your spam processing options (but see the note below concerning Bayesian Analysis), which can be done by selecting Spamassassin from the menu on the left. Alternatively, Lost mail lets you check the system logs to see what mail originally destined for you has been refused for some reason.

Bayesian Analysis

Due to the load generated, we are unable to turn on Spamassassin's Bayesian Analysis for everyone by default, although there's nothing to stop you turning it on yourself if you feel it would be useful.

However, we are now using Openprotect's Spamassassin rulesets from their sa-updates channel, which includes the recommended rules from the popular Spamassassin Rules Emporium (SARE), as well as the popular SOUGHT ruleset. Whereas Bayes analysis can contribute scores of up to around 3.5, these rules go much higher, and are targetted at such things as the common image-only stock scams, and are far more effective for such spam. So, in other words, Bayes analysis is not that relevant now.