Automatic Junk Mail Filtering at the University of Waterloo

Most mail servers at the University of Waterloo use a blacklist service to filter incoming mail and reduce the amount of junk mail each user receives.*
You can exempt your userid from this, and receive every piece of mail addressed to you.**
To check the current status of your mail filtering, click here:
To start filtering your mail and eliminate most junk mail, click here:
To stop filtering your mail and receive everything, click here:

*It is impossible to remove all junk mail from the incoming stream. Junk mail usually comes from a bogus address, and often by way of an "open relay": a machine willing to deliver mail from anyone, to anyone. Mail that is properly addressed and coming from a legitimate address is always delivered.

**All mail addressed to your will be exempted from filtering, as well as mail addressed to your userid on servers which subscribe to the exemption service.

You can filter mail yourself with your UNIX, PC, or Mac mail software. Cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive by guarding your electronic identity, and keeping yourself out of junk mailers' userid lists.